Kindness Arts Work

Kindness is transformative, restorative. Kindness offers a communication of valuing one another, of respect for life, and of inclusion in community.

Arts making opens our curiosity, playfulness, and our capacity to venture into the unknown. Arts making frees our imagination, lets us discover what is not yet known, helps us to become more supple and more connected to our inherently creative life force.

Our hearts, bodies, and minds, our relationships, this very world, and the beings we share this world with all draw vital nourishment from our kindness: they are profoundly informed by that offering. Our kindness is a simple, skillful, and powerful force for change. It ripples outwards from its source and also replenishes the giver. Kindness is a sacred art form.

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. (Dalai Lama)

Many of us feel disconnected from human connection, from a felt sense of soulful belonging in community. Many of us long to experience kinship of the heart and the slow time of shared generative, creative, expressive play and collaboration.

How do you tend to this garden in your own life?

Interested in Kindness Arts Work in Sacramento? Here are some local offerings to explore:

Creative Circle: a weekly therapy gathering. Sitting together in quietude, making arts, and then sharing present-moment thoughts, feelings, and body awareness and impressions. Welcome, inclusion, creative community, and ease.

Art Making in Nature: weekly contemplative art making excursions outdoors. Meditation, movement, & voice work in nature, followed by individual and collective visual creative, contemplative responses to the natural world. Materials vary, including: photography, natural elements from the environment, and fine art materials.

Soul Spa: weekly morning sessions, for body, mind, and soul nourishment. Develop creativity, mindfulness, embodied ease, & somatic resources through restorative yoga, sitting practice, movement therapy, improvisation, and arts making. Each session offers exploration through a particular modality.

Body Songs: Soul Motion Improvisations: cultivate embodied presence through supportive inquiries in contemplative movement and stillness. Spacious scores are offered for personal and collective exploration and play. Cultivate supple relaxation in your body and enhance improvisational creativity, responsive aliveness, and connectivity with others. No prior movement experience necessary.

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