A morning walk into the darkness, along the shoreline of the ocean. The lapping of the water, the soft wind fresh on my skin, the sand crunching beneath my feet. Light emerging in the sky, splashing onto the water, all colors of the small details of the world changing, animating. Shells. Stones. Birds. Rocks. Wet seaweed scattered upon the sand. Body happy, supple. Song and movement ripple from within. Grateful.

Resting into Earth

cathedral, by katrina curry

Each exhalation is an opportunity to release our bones and muscles into gravity, to let go of tension we are carrying and rest in the emptiness that follows the out-breath. I invite you to try this now. Each inhalation offers a moment to experience expansion, to open space within and move into the supple space all around us – earth rising through our bones, as we experience the buoyancy of sky. Try this now. A micro-movement dance of gravity and buoyancy; a communion between inner and outer space; a taste of the inter-being of you and Earth, you and Sky.