Nourishing our bodies, our minds

In a process of therapy for life change, the therapeutic hour is one part of the change process. How we practice daily is what builds the changes into a happier, more peaceful, nourished life.¬†Our daily practice of nourishing our lives can take many forms — good food, play, exercise, creative engagement, friendship… to name a few.

How we tend to the needs of our bodies plays a substantial role in how we feel.

When was the last time you allowed your being the time and space to be outside, moving your body, in nature? Do you remember the sensory experience of the external details: feeling the breeze ruffling your hair, the smell of the earth and the trees, the startling beauty of light in the tree’s leaves? We can cultivate communion, connectedness, through deeply experiencing the nourishment offered by the natural world around us. When I notice the beauty and how I am moved by what I experience, then I can feel how I am a part of – rather than apart from – that living world.

Research is pretty clear that moving our bodies, and being outside are good for us. We feel happier, more alive, calmer, less isolated. A regular diet of pleasurable movement in the beauty of the natural world is a wonderful (ie: useful and enjoyable) companion in crafting a happier life.

I am not talking here about a type of exercise to do or a distance to achieve, but of allowing ourselves to nourish our bodies through movement outside, with a playful, curious attention to the natural world.

A key to this adventure: to notice the experience as I am having it (the movement of the breath in my body, the sound of my breath, the coolness of the air on my skin); to feel the sensory impact of what I am witnessing- what touches my heart (the vastness of the sky), what raises my curiosity (that trail branching off to the left), what makes me laugh (the play of the birds) — observing what changes when I allow myself to witness and be moved by the world around me.